Welcome to Miraz Bakery

We guarantee you with respect to the structure of cakes loaded with cream, which is sufficient to make you hungry. Miraz Bakery duplicates your energy. In this way, it’s difficult to trust that a couple of more minutes will cut a cake. When we convey your request we give a cake, as well as we convey joy, rapture, and feelings related with it. Everybody needs to be upbeat and we feel that it is our pleasure to fulfill everybody rather we would state it is our side interest or custom.

Baked specially for you !!

Pinata Cake

1,400 per pound


1,000 per pound


900 per pound


1,200 per pound

Black Forest

750 per pound


1,000 per pound

Cheese Cream

1,300 per pound


1,200 per pound

Great Taste in Every Bite !!

we got your cakes